About us

My Name is Jenny and I'm the proud owner of this humble shop we call berry babe.  If you are here then you are probably like me and absolutely are in love with strawberries. :) If you don't know much about the benefits of using strawberries with your facial care routine please click here to find out more!  

Jenny berry Babe

We are a small team but we do our best to keep up with the huge demand for our product.  We make sure each and every one of our customers are happy with their shopping experience here at Berry Babe. 

At this time we only have a few products but we are always looking for the newest and best berry products there is. 

Meet the Team

Kevin: Order fulfillment. Making sure your orders get out of the door and on their way to your location 

Kavin Berry Babe

Leah: Customer service.  Taking care of your every need.

Leah Berry Babe 

     Jenny:  Operations and the proud owner of Berry Babe.

Jenny Berry Babe

Jenny Berry Babe  


Samantha:  Social media marketer.  Send Samantha a picture using our mask and we will post it on our instagram and also will give you a big discount for your next order! Send all pictures to our DM on instagram or send them to insta@berry-babe.com

Samantha berry babe

From all of us at Berry-Babe.com we would love to say thank you for supporting our small shop and we look forward to seeing your big strawberry smile when you try our products.  Cheers to your beautiful face!